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Main Feature:


The Gospell GR-216 is the new generation DRM receiver designed for the purpose of low-cost access to high-quality information. Reasonable price and high performance for price-sensitive market is the design concept of GR-216.
The GR-216 has been optimized for reliable reception in harsh radio environments. The excellent receiver sensitivity allows extended service quality. Built-in active antenna with two external inputs improves the reception performance compared to the similar products with only passive antenna. The potential risks of environmental interference have been reduced by the combination of excellent receiver dynamic range and band-pass filter.  


·        DRM/AM (MW/SW) and FM stereo reception

·        DRM xHE-AAC audio decoding

·        DRM scrolling text message

·        DRM emergency warning reception

·        DRM program recording and playback on USB pen drive

·        DRM alternative frequency switching

·        DRM reception logging for reception performance evaluation

·        DRM expert mode for reception status inspection with DRM channel/service information

·        FM RDS station name display

·        15 station memory presets

·        1khz step tuning allows fast, precise station reception by tuning at 1khz intervals

·        Auto scan tuning/memory scan

·        Dual alarm clock function lets you set the alarm for two different wake-up times with buzzer or radio stations







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